Homework Market – According to the proposal, which is now on the table, cutting off the flow of money from Europe will be possible only if the Commission establishes a direct threat to the financial interests of the EU.

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Bank, postal, transport, audiovisual) «- said the ministry. The government also has to listen to the information minister. Humanitarian Beata Kempa on. Humanitarian and development aid, allocated by Poland in the years 2015-2018. According Kempa, funds allocated by Poland for humanitarian aid in 2015 were tripled. «Today, our NGOs are able to transfer these amounts to the extent possible, means, also powered by the state budget and reach those most in need» – said Tuesday on TVP1 On Monday, Agriculture Minister Jan Ardanowski said that during Tuesday’s meeting of the government will also the bill, which is to help producers of fruit. On Friday in Warsaw, farmers demonstrated against low purchase prices of agricultural products; They demanded more processing plants to pay for the fruit. The project which will deal with the ministers is to introduce the principle of procurement contracts, covering both sides – both the provider and the recipient of fruit or vegetables. «We want to trade in agri-food, especially fruits and vegetables, took place through term contracts, so that even those who are engaged in the purchase, guaranteed the farmers decent buying. Underway at the moment very serious work to develop legislation that this will protect «- the minister said. (PAP) by Maciej Zubel The reduction in current income tax rates of 18 and 32 percent. and 24 to 10 per cent., is one of the main proposals presented on Saturday a new program PO Fri. «Higher wages». The platform also proposes a 500-zloty monthly support for people receiving the minimum wage. Paul Mucha asked on Sunday in Polsat News about tax proposals, which presented the platform, he replied: «We know that this is an election gimmick» .According to him, remembering the promises that were made by the PO, you need to have a «big naive to be convinced that such declarations «are covered in reality.» such statements, which are presented without calculations, without indicating the consequences of the financial implications for the budget, without any indication of what the term, what mechanisms will be introduced, so that the budget could such changes hold out, these are suggestions, proposals that are, unfortunately, as happened before in the mouth PO politicians, a vision that has not really cover in reality «- rated Mucha.Program PO consists of two elements. The first one involves a reduction in taxes and contributions, so that the tribute, which every Pole working forwards in the form of income taxes and social security contributions and the National Health Fund, does not exceed a total of 35 percent. Also proposed unification tax bases, which would serve the simplified calculation podatku.Drugi element of the program is targeted to low income earners in our country. He would use it, anyone who earns the minimum wage to twice the minimum wage, or next year – to 4.5 thousand. zlotys. The platform is currently working, as announced, on new solutions that have further simplified the tax system and seal. This would be an additional source of financing the program «Higher wages» .Część proposals from the «Higher wages» presented during Friday’s debate on the vote of no confidence in the government in the Sejm Grzegorz Schetyna PO leader. On Saturday at a press conference they developed them: Platform club head Slawomir Neumann and chief economist Prof. PO. Andrzej Rzońca. Justice system, anti-corruption, respect for the constitution and freedom of the media – these areas, the European Commission wants to control in all Member States. A new mechanism for the rule of law announced the head of the EC Ursula von der Leyen. Brussels does not take into account changes in the same individual institutions – the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court, but wants to examine the overall functioning of the mechanism of checks and balances in different countries. In other words, how the various state institutions look each other hands and the równoważą.Czy have nothing to fear? The new procedure was to be a tribute to the Polish government. The idea was that the rule was controlled in all countries equally. Warsaw together with Budapest, however, wanted to have carried out an annual review of states themselves, and not the Commission. This capital would control each other. Meanwhile, they will do EU officials. Our source in the European Commission says that the new procedure will be fashioned on the model of the so-called. European Semester – a tool that is used to assess the state of the economies and public finances. The review is being developed in the first six months, then the Member States must realize issued on the basis of the recommendation. However, if you continue to violate the rules may be initiated against the excessive deficit procedure. In the case of the rule of law is threatened withdrawal of funds unijnych.Nasi interlocutors in the government argue, however, that so far the development of new mechanisms to control the rule of law go after thinking Warsaw. According to the proposal, which is now on the table, cutting off the flow of money from Europe will be possible only if the Commission establishes a direct threat to the financial interests of the EU. A person close to the prime minister argues that the evidence in Poland there are no funds and the recipient can sleep spokojnieChodzi a mechanism announced by the European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen. He was seen as a nod in the direction of a new leader of the Polish government. Warsaw alleged bias Brussels, because the carpet in the European institutions is still Poland, while other countries – as submitted by the Polish government – also have a lot on their conscience. So now we all are to be controlled. Equally. According to information from the DGP to the EC, the new mechanism is to rely on an extensive review carried out just as today’s economy within the framework of the European Semester. Poland and Hungary pushed for it to review the rule of law dealt with at the Council of the EU, which would mean that a Member States would have to control each other. Warsaw and Budapest on the European Commission wanted to turn off the entire procedure. But it can not go wrong. According to a source in the European Commission in Brussels, work is already underway on the preparation of the new procedure, which will be modeled on the European semester, the mechanism used to coordinate economic and budgetary policies in the EU. The economic situation is monitored very carefully, which lasts for the first six months of each year (hence the term «European semester»). In this procedure, all the capitals in Brussels represent their political structural reform agenda and the Stability or Convergence Program (us as a country overtaking the West this latter). In May, the European Commission makes recommendations that member states take into account when planning budget for next year ZET. European semester is crucial for assessing the health of the economy and public finances. It is true that recommendations are not binding, but it is based on the European semester, the European Commission decides to launch excessive deficit procedure against those states that break the EU’s financial rules. See also: Poland today there are no problems with the rule of law [INTERVIEW with Paul Szefernakerem] »EU countries ready to agree to link funding of the rule of law» – In the procedure for the rule of law, we will look at how functions in different countries all widely recognized concept of checks and balances ( «checks and balances»). There will be only dealt with the judiciary and about what, for example. Polish government changed in the Constitutional Court, Supreme Court and the Judiciary. We will look much more broadly – says a source in the European Commission. Will be considered the judiciary system, the fight against corruption, respect for the constitution and the media. Carrying out such a comprehensive review will be a considerable effort. However, as our interlocutor says, the European Commission has to some degree trained, because every year prepares a report (when called. Justice Scoreboard), which collects data on the efficiency of justice in the individual countries. This is the aftermath of the problems with the rule of law in Hungary a few years ago. In turn, the European semester (on the economy) is monitored on the fight against corruption. The new procedure – like the European Semester – does not provide for any sanctions. But this does not mean that it will be toothless. Recommendations can not be easily ignored by the Member States, because it is they who will provide arguments to suspend payments from the European budget. Conditioning eurofunduszy rule of law is an idea that appeared even earlier, but a long time there was no agreement as to who and what will prejudge the fact that a Member State must say goodbye to EU funds. PiS government demanded objective evidence that will prejudge a clear violation of the rule of law. Conditionality will apply in the new budget perspective. This means that the threat of suspension of the money will be hung on the countries which are at odds with the rule of law since 2021. Regulation in this case has not yet been adopted, but the majority of countries for the talks and now we are wrapping up the details. The caller in the Polish Government emphasizes that negotiated the shape of the regulation is good for Polish, in contrast to what was proposed in the beginning. As currently proposed in Brussels will be able to suspend the funds only in case when it is a direct threat to the EU budget and this will be proved by the European Commission. – There will therefore be based on a general belief that we have the rule of law in Poland do not like. There is no question of such a political discretion – said a person with direct the prime minister. According to the informant with the EC, no one in Brussels today is not able to demonstrate that changes in the Polish judiciary pose a direct threat to the financial interests of the EU. Reasons for concern will be primarily those countries in which there is malwersowania EU money, and in this respect Poland can not be faulted. It is not known when the European Commission would start monitoring the state of the rule of law in the EU. First, the work must finally start a new European Commission, which is almost three-week delay because of problems with its composition. Secondly, the new mechanism must also agree to all member states, most of which want more control over the EU’s rule of law. The question is whether to accept such a deep monitoring at home. https://homeworkmarket.me/ Ombudsman pointed out that the action «Rainbow Friday» is the presentation of respectful students who are looking for their identity. He said that the school often such people tend to be excluded, lonely, used violence against them mental and physical. «At school there are students who measure with his identity. (…) They experience a kind of dilemma. The school is also a place where there is all kinds of violence, including verbal violence, which is often a consequence of physical violence. in school, children are also nonheteronormative, children who recognize that they are not able to find in the majority, are looking for their identity. These children often feel lonely, excluded against their peers, «- said in wywiadzie.zobacz also: Election 2019: Who equality for LGBT people? Left leaders did not specify their views [PODCAST] »EP, the Commission will intervene in the Polish judges and the LGBT community» He stressed that just because the action «Rainbow Friday» is very interesting. «I mean. This is action that is addressed to teachers, directors and students, consisting in this, to show respect to students who are therefore others» – he explained, stressing also continue the campaign against homophobia, «he says that we also have in their society transgender people. » He found it difficult to prohibit student to manifest his attitude. «If a student within the Rainbow + + Friday, solidarity assume or clip-element, which is a rainbow, it is difficult to prohibit in any way» – he concluded. Bodnar also referred to the allegations of the child ombudsman, who wrote on his Twitter account that «Parents are required to observe the right to education. @Adbodnar is to protect the rights of all citizens, not just selectively defined.» «The Ombudsman is a problem with the reading of my annual report, I will review it as it sees what I do, and I deal with the entire catalog of rights and freedoms of the individual» – commented Bodnar words of children’s rights advocate. He said that talks on the side konsytucji and non-discrimination. He further stated that school is a place where you should promote the values ​​of tolerance and acceptance. November 9th Sejm passed changes to several laws in connection with the strengthening of supervision and investor protection in the financial market. On Friday, the Senate committee for budget and finance recommended adoption of the amendment without amendments. The application for the rejection of its declared Senator Kazimierz Klein (PO), but he did not gain the support of the committee. AFTER Senators announced amendments, among others, proposing the deletion of the article of the Act, which allows the acquisition of banks in trouble by other banks. According to the PO article is probably related to corruption allegations that at b. FSA boss Mark Chrzanowski slipped owner of Getin Noble Bank and Idea Bank Leszek Czarnecki in connection with their recorded and published by «Gazeta Wyborcza» in conversation with March. It was in fact reported by the club PiS only within the framework of the second reading in Parliament. According to the senators AFTER article can also be niekonstytucyjny.zobacz: Bierecki decision allows the Senate to participate in the discussion on the Act on the Financial Supervision Authority all senators »Mucha was asked whether the president Andrzej Duda looks at the work on the novella of the Act on the Financial Supervision Authority, and here there is no doubt. «I do not want to speak in the course of legislative work (…). If the work will be completed, the bill will go to the Chancellery of the President, so as with any other bill verification will be carried out and the president will make decisions as to whether to sign as to whether or take any other actions that are within its prerogatives on the basis of the Constitution, «- said the Minister. On the question of whether the president monitor the situation after Tuesday’s article in «Gazeta Wyborcza» he replied: «Of course, the president is monitoring the situation. He looks at what is happening around the case FSA. We constantly follow and reports and actions that are taken in this case by the authorities countries». «On the one hand, we had to deal with the rapid resignation, dismissal of Mark Chrzanowski and it is good information here that efficient financial supervision functions, is now the head of the FSA, we have the performance of departments.

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