Is This What Men REALLY Think?

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Is This What Men REALLY Think?

Physical activities don’t end at the gym. You can take a quick ride together to taste speed or enjoy a slow driving experience, holding each other’s hands.Go to the zoo. Maybe it’s time to dilute your relationship with cuteness or astonishment overdose? Yes, the emotions you’re about to experience will change like the colors of a chameleon. And that’s a perfect occasion for sharing them and getting closer. How to Keep Dating Partner Involved Calm down. I know how much confidence you maintain…until you meet her. Once you feel her presence, that image of self-assertion usually blurs, and you can hardly find the right words. Your partner is not your one and only chance on this planet. Just forget it’s a date and enjoy your moment as it is – you’ll see how smoothly things will go.   Keep eye contact.imlive credit generator free download

That’s the banalest, yet the most effective and battle-tested advice you can possibly hear or read. During the date, always remember to look directly into the eyes of your partner, so that they realize how interested you are in them. Avoiding eye contact means that you neglect someone, which leads to a lack of respect in your relationship.Mind proximity. Especially if that’s your first date. She’d definitely expect you to hug her, pat her on the back, or hold hands. But don’t be too intrusive – that can make your date scared and pretty sure that you don’t know the limits. Talk about nontrivial matters. Small talks are far from what is supposed to be discussed on the date. If your only question is “how are the things going?”, chances are your date will get bored immediately. Try to figure out what your date likes first, and then, depending on those preferences, configure some topics to maintain a conversation and make it vibrant. Crack a joke.

Who doesn’t like humor? If you find the right tune to keep your date on, you’ll surely hit the target and make her think that you’re a God of jokes. We all know that people exhibit the highest attachment to those who make them laugh, so why not use this chance to let your partner be closer? How to Benefit from Daytime When Dating Someone The daytime should be put on the fore if you know what the preferences of your date are. For example, if she adores art and history, you can visit corresponding museums during the day. As we know, such establishments don’t work at night.  Then, you can also plan the entire day and go out of town, rent a bike, and explore some new territory together. That’d be quite challenging to do during the night, so head wherever you want in the daytime.

I bet you won’t like to get lost in the middle of nowhere (although such a situation could add a bit of spice to your relationship).  Final Thoughts Finally, go on a beach during a hot summer day to swim, chill out under the sun, and build sandcastles. What can be more romantic than that, huh? Plus, you’ll be able to check out the figure of your partner and understand whether you like them in terms of a physical connection.  Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook3Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Online Dating Tagged in: Dating, Relationships You see him looking at you from the corner of your eye. There’s a definite attraction there yet he seems hesitant to spark up a conversation. Or maybe he hasn’t even spotted how awesomesauce you are yet, but you’ve definitely got your eyes on him. Who says you have to wait around, batting your eyelashes and hoping that he’ll introduce himself? It’s 2013, girlies. Find your courage, adjust your lady balls, say hello and pick that man up! There’s no better time to find someone to cuddle up to than Fall. Here are three simple steps that I think any woman can use to pick up a man and snag herself a date: Step One – Pick your hot(tie) spot. The bar scene isn’t for everybody, especially if you’re going it alone. Who says you can’t pick up a date at a dog park, or even the grocery store?

What about a museum, or art gallery? Of course there are also spots that are notoriously filled with testosterone: the gym, an event that is sporting a concert (unless it’s Celine Dion) or even the Apple store (Hey nerdy guys need love too, and from my experience are super affectionate and AWESOME.) Think about the kind of guy you’re interested in and where you’re most likely to run into him. We can’t leave everything to fate, ladies. Step Two – Rock those pearly whites and cleavage from a distance first, then make your move. So you’ve picked your hunting ground and you’ve spotted your future ex-husband.

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Make eye contact with him, and for the love of bacon – SMILE. Make sure that your body language is open and that you look approachable. Did you know more than 50 percent of all initial communication is done via body language and gestures?

Don’t cross your arms or your legs. Be open. Then point your toes toward him and make your move. Step Three – Strut your stuff and say hello. Sure you could skip this last step if the thought of starting a conversation with an attractive man terrifies you – but if you skip this step, you’re seriously depriving yourself of both an opportunity for some bow-chica-bow-wow and a valuable screening tool. Yes he’s attractive, but what if this guy is a total weirdo or douche and you’re sitting there fantasizing about him? Besides, you’re going to have to talk to him at some point, anyway. It’s better to find out now that he has horrible teeth, is dumb as rocks, or that he can’t stop talking about his ex or Furby collection, rather than make the discovery on your first date, when your escape route will be WAY narrower. Say hello… NOW! a good way to start the conversation?

How about trying one of the following pickup lines that are sure to impress: I MUST BE AN ASTRONAUT, BECAUSE I WANT TO GO TO URPENIS. DO YOU WORK AT SUBWAY, CUZ’ YOU DEFINITELY GOT THAT FOOTLONG. Ok, ok. I get it. Perhaps the pickup line route isn’t for you. Really, any sort of introduction will work. Ask him for a pen. Ask him for the time. Comment on the weather.  Compliment him on his clothes, his shoes, his wooly Mammoth beard, or that adorable dog he’s walking.  the novelty of being approached by a seriously friendly woman is enough to make most men smile and reciprocate so just find the courage and start a conversation. One super important thing to remember before doing ANY of the above – make sure your breath is fresh lest you scare a man off before things even start! That’s right, before you say hello to that urban lumberjack I totally suggest you say hello to hello seriously friendly oral care. I recently discovered their products and they work wonders on your mouth. With delicious flavors like Sweet Cinnamint, Pink Grapefruit Mint ( My personal fav), Supermint and Mojito Mint, hello mouthwash & hello toothpaste are a delicious addition to your pre-date rituals.

And ladies, there’s seriously no excuse to leave home without one of their breath sprays – ESPECIALLY when you’re looking for man candy. They’re so tiny they even fit perfectly in your clutch or pocket, which means you can have them with you at all times – right beside your favorite red lipstick. A full list of the retailers that carry hello oral care products are available at hello’s website ( And if you’re in NYC, you can also check them out on the shelves of your local Duane Reade. You never know when life’s going to throw you back in the dating game!  Be prepared with my tips and a mouth full of awesome courtesy of hello. Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook12Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Advert Why are needs so important? Well if you don’t eat, drink or regulate your temperature then you die. While other needs might seem less dramatic or less of a priority, they can be just as important. For us to feel happy and to be well we need our needs met and this involves both physical and emotional needs. Getting touched, sex and feeling emotionally connected have a massive impact on our physical health, how long we live and how happy we are throughout our lives.

It also significantly lowers our stress levels and works as a second immune system. When we don’t express our needs, or more importantly don’t get them met, we become resentful, angry or disconnected. We often struggle to even know our own needs and when we do know we might struggle to express them clearly, which leads me to the second question… Why are needs so hard to express? Shame. Shame is used to control behavior as we have a innate fear of feeling rejected by the group. In tribal communities’ rejection often spelled death, so shame is a perfect tool to force compliance. As we grow up, we are often shamed for expressing our needs. Not because our parents were bad parents but they were simply unaware of the impact of their actions and how to respond in a healthier way. We often got dismissed, ignored or told off for our needs as children. This taught us that our needs are not important or that we should not have them, so we learn to stop sensing or expressing them. We might have been made to feel our needs are a burden, that they are not important or that other people’s needs come above our own.

This has no doubt contributed to why many adults simply don’t know their needs as they have lost touch with that part of themselves, whilst others know their needs but can’t express them out of shame. If we can’t sense our own needs and express them clearly, we are unlikely to get what we want. Going for long periods of times and suppressing our needs, or not having our needs met will likely lead to resentment… the number one killer of relationships.

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We can instead teach our children to notice and express their own needs, but also that they can’t always have what they want in the moment.This shows we still value their needs and that they express them. The first step is to learn how to sense our own needs and gain self-awareness. Once we have done that, we can go on to practice how to express them clearly. What’s important when you learn to express your needs is that we also understand other people can’t always fulfill your every need. It might cross their boundaries or not be something they have energy or capacity to give us. Disappointment is a natural part of any relationship and the process of learning to express our needs. What’s often not discussed about disappointment is that it is a great opportunity to create more closeness. If rather than moving apart you sit and listen to each other’s disappointment, show empathy, acceptance, and understanding, it can bring you so much closer. Often what we want the most is being heard and seen by our partner. Now let’s learn how to express our needs clearly Exploring your needs is the first step is to get in touch with your needs and find clarity. If you feel frustrated then it’s often down to unmet needs. This is a great opportunity to discover what needs that are important to you and which are currently not being met.

Frustration is like an alarm bell for unmet needs. Other emotions can also point you to unmet needs so focus on how you feel and your bodily sensation. I know now that when my mood drops or I feel tense it’s because I am not getting enough exercise, touch or social contact (probably because I spend half my life writing -)). So, I go do exercise, ask for stroking or call friends to see if they want to meet up. Write down when you need to—those times when your feelings run wild—so you don’t forget them and can express them later. This will also show you what needs are most neglected and urgent, as they will likely cause repeated frustration and be repeated multiple times in your journal. These feelings are likely tied to your most important needs so be as specific as possible. Writing down you want to “feel more special” is not specific as different things make different people feel special. What makes you feel special? Here are two more examples: “I want more touch.”Is that specific? No. Your partner might start touching your feet when you want back stroking. I personally like five-minutes of slow gentle scratching on my back when I come home from work. Now that’s specific and clear. Or similar the example above: “ I want to feel special.” Would you know what I need if I said that?

No, of course not.It’s different from person to person and moment to moment. I like when/if you make me my favorite dinner, Sushi. It makes me feel special and I have the need to feel I am special to you. That, again, is specific. All your needs are natural and good. It could be that you want more quality time with your partner, that they be more attentive when with you, show more interest in your life, give you gifts, do things for you, touch you more etc… You might have no idea of your sexual needs if you have never explored this. Go get some inspiration, read books about fantasies or watch erotic movies. Notice what turns you on. Explore with self-touch if you are not sure how you like your body to be touched. Explore, explore, explore. Only when you know what you need can you communicate it clearly and get your needs met.

Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook0Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Relationships Tagged in: coach dating, couples counseling, couples therapy, healthy relationships, marriage counseling, marriage guidance, relationship advice, relationship counselling, relationship problems, relationship questions, sex advice, sex life, sex tips That’s not a hug, that’s the patented Irish Bujitsu maiden-lock in full-effect right there, folks. In this article, we’re going to cover some of our favorite dating tips for women. This list of women’s dating tips should come in handy if you’re thinking about getting out there and strutting your stuff. Ladies, print off this list and study it. It might come in useful when you’re on your way to meeting Mr. Right.

Our Favorite Women’s Dating Tips Dating can be extremely frustrating, scary, and strange at first. If you’ve been in a relationship for a really long time, and you’re just now getting back onto the dating scene (and online dating scene), you can get a little disoriented and overwhelmed. Learn to relax. You need to learn to relax if you’re jumping back into dating. While it can be nerve-wracking, exciting, and interesting, you need to learn to keep your cool and have a carefree attitude about it. So what if you go out a number of times with a guy you really and then don’t hear back from him. Instead of stressing and constantly trying to figure out why – just realize that it wasn’t meant to be and move on to the next guy. It’s important not to get too stuck on one person, whether you’ve just started dating, or whether he breaks up with you after a few months of going. Ditch the grief and get ready for a brand new date. There are plenty of fish in the sea. As a woman, you have no shortage of fresh, new dates ready to take you out for a drink. Stay true to your identity. You meet a wonderful guy, and you drop your whole just to be with him. That’s not a good for any new relationship, no matter how wonderful the guy is. Keeping your existing friendships, job, sense of self, and hobbies is what makes you who you are, and it’s the person he fell in love with. When you’re a balanced person, it makes you more attractive as a mate.

You’ll actually be hurting your chances by losing yourself in an attempt to focus more exclusively on him. It can be exciting when you’re dating again, and you find someone that makes you want to drop everything, but that’s not what you should do. Listen to your intuition. Intuition is your natural right and gift as a woman, and you should use it to the best of your ability – even when you really like some guy and don’t want to listen to it. You shouldn’t ignore that feeling deep inside your gut that tells you something isn’t right with the nice guy you just met. Keep your eyes and ears open, and pay attention to what your intellect is telling you. Accept your partner for who he is. So many women think that they can change a man, and that never works out. Even if it does work out, you shouldn’t want your partner to be uncomfortable just to fit your idea of what he should be like. You will learn the hard way that you can’t really change someone. Things won’t change when you start living together or get married, either. In fact, it can just make your irritation with his issues bother you even more. So, if you accept some habit, trait, or quirk of your partner, you will be doing both of you a favor. If you can’t live with it, move on.

Be comfortable in yourself before you start dating. So many women jump into the dating world because they don’t like the idea of being alone, but that doesn’t mean that they’re ready to start dating. Just because you’re alone, it doesn’t mean that you should start dating. Even if you’re lonely, you shouldn’t just jump headfirst into online dating or dating. Staving off loneliness isn’t a good enough reason to start dating again. The best idea is to wait until you’re happy, confident, and comfortable just being you before you try to start a new relationship. Don’t assume things. You’ve been dating for half a year, and you think you know that the both of you are exclusive. A lot of us learned the hard way that that’s not always true. Make sure you ask him about the status, and never be afraid to tell him exactly what you’re looking for in a relationship. It can be extremely disheartening to go through a relationship for a year only to find out that he never thought the two of you were exclusive. It does happen, but it mostly happens in relationships lasting a month or two. Good Luck on Your Online Dating Journey!

Image courtesy of t0zz/ Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook3Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Dating & Relationships Tagged in: Dating, Relationships, women credit – He’s Just Not That Into You His profile says “seeking relationship” but his behaviors tell another story. He might not be lying either. Maybe he really is looking for that special someone, but in meantime he might be just as happy with that non-special someone’s sweet ass. As humans in the dating world, it’s not uncommon to get side-tracked by desire or fickle from the frustration. Sometimes we just want to get laid, just kind of get that out of the way, so we can go on and focus, again, on finding relationship-guy/girl. So how can you tell which path you are on with him? Here are five signs that he’s not looking for a relationship, at least not with you: Haphazard Contact He might text you one day, call you the next and then drop off the face of the earth for a while before popping back up on your radar like nothing ever happened. You might meet for drinks, then talk the next day, then text later that night, and then nothing again for a week. If he isn’t checking in with you on a regular basis then he’s probably nothing thinking about you on a regular basis either. Chances are he’s playing the field and still searching for whatever it is he’s after which means he didn’t find it in you. That’s okay. But you need to be aware that the time you spend with him isn’t going to lead to a relationship.

It’s just going to be more time that you spend with him and not with your next boyfriend. The Dates Don’t Evolve If all you do together is meet up at a local bar for drinks and conversation, then he probably isn’t trying to build a relationship with you.

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